Mo Salah – ‘hoàng tử Ai Cập’ lớn lên từ bi kịch bị Chelsea chối bỏ
November 25, 2017
Đội trưởng AS Roma tát đối thủ, ôm mặt ăn vạ trơ trẽn
November 28, 2017

APPIANO GENTILE – Luciano Spalletti responded to questions at the Inter Media House in Appiano Gentile during the pre-match press conference ahead of the Nerazzurri’s trip to Sardinia for Cagliari vs. Inter.

“I would like to start by offering congratulations to Stefano Vecchi for the Youth League,” he began. “He’s obtained a result through great organisation and great work. We often ask for the Primavera to be available for us as we take players during the week. He’s a great colleague for how cooperative he is.”
“This team understands the moments in which it has to strike, it knows when to give its all. We’re competing with teams who are aiming to set records, we’re important figures in a season where the table is tight and the stakes are very high. Our players know very well what the objective has to be, we need to have ambition.”

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